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Automotive Price List

Prices are broken up into two categories, Mobile & In-Store.

Our mobile service costs are higher as we have to take into consideration travel times and associated costs, set up/pack up times and allow additional time as we are working in a non familiar environment.

Our mobile option only offers two choices of film our most popular film Jet Black and our top of the range nano-ceramic film, as we have limited capacity to carry any more stock in our service vehicles.

In store we do offer an additional entry level product that is a great film technology but has only been in Australia for a short period of time and the pricing is very good indication of the supplier doing their bit to get market share in a very competitive industry.

Jet Black – Most Popular

LLumar Jet Black 35%/20% is a Metalised/dyed product and has been the staple product for Class One Window Tinting for the last 18 plus years, it offers a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that does not include colour change (generally colour change will be noticeable after a 4-12 year period based on exposure to sun), this is the exact same manufacturer as Tint-A-Car products (not the same film but the same manufacturer). If you elect to choose 15% or 5% we offer that range using an alternate manufacturer – UltraGard and their high performance metalised dyed film called Oxide.

Mobile Service

Utes $249

Dual Cabs/Extra Cabs $329-$379

Sedans/wagons $379-$399

SUV’s 4x4’s $379-$399

Troop Carriers $499


Utes $199

Dual Cabs/Extra Cabs $279-$299

Sedans/wagons $349

SUV’s 4x4’s $349-$369

Troop Carriers $449

UltraGard Fusion – Top Of The Range

Our choice for the latest technology top of the range product is UltraGard Fusion. Fusion is a nano-ceramic automotive window film and is the pinnacle of glass film technology. Utilizing Nano technology, Fusion window film is fused with Titanium Nitride (TiN) Nano particles to give not only the highest in overall heat rejection performance, but unsurpassed clarity and colour tone. Fusion is quite simply the Ultimate in comfort and protection for you and your vehicle and being a nano-ceramic film is very effective at blocking and reducing infra red heat. This latest film comes with a backed lifetime warranty from the manufacturer for all the usual problems associated with failing products but also includes colour change and is guaranteed not to interfere with any sensitive radio electronics, satellite navigation systems or any other electrical device in your vehicle.

Mobile Service

Utes $249-$299

Dual Cabs/Extra Cabs $349-$399

Sedans/wagons $399 – $429

SUV’s 4x4’s $399-$499

Troop Carriers $549-$599

Fusion – In-Store

Utes $249-$299

Dual Cabs/Extra Cabs $329-$349


SUV’s 4x4’s $379-$399

Troop Carriers $549

ASWF – Performer 35% – In-Store Only

This is our selection of an entry level product we choose to offer our clients, it offers the same technology as Jet Black range, though a relatively new manufacturer in the Australian market (2-3 years) and they have priced their range of products aggressively to help gain market share. Class One Window Tinting has been using this range for the last 12 months and have been satisfied with the results in terms of installing the films and the technology used to manufacture the product. We receive great support from the supplier and the only uncertainty is not knowing the longevity of the product as it is only new in Australia, although it is backed with a lifetime warranty for the darkest legal film direct from the supplier.

Utes $179

Dual Cabs/Extra Cabs $279

Sedans/wagons $299

SUV’s 4x4’s $299-$329

Troop Carriers $389

General Additions

Film Removal $100 – $150 ($70 for Utes) – Removal Of Existing Film Only $210 – $250

Final pricing is dependent upon the exact make, model and location of the vehicle.

Glare Strips/Sun Strips $44 – $110
Trucks $250
Drilling Rigs/Earthing Moving Equipment/ Cranes etc From $400 – $500

Minimum Charge – North Side $110. South Side $165.Prices to be confirmed on sight.

All prices Include GST.

Please phone or email us to confirm the pricing of your particular job. Prices stated are our suggested prices, however in some cases the price may be additional costs or less cost.

Our pricing schedule has been set with considerations to the costs we incur to provide our service for both mobile services and in-store services such as our rents, products, fuel, wages, taxes, maintenance, insurances, advertising and promotions, etc. We endeavour to provide a product that represents good value for money to our clients with a professional and reliable service. We encourage you to contact three other suppliers to compare our product and service. We are confident that you will find Class One represents a truly competitive option.