Terms and Conditions

As a general rule we require between three – seven days notice when making an appointment. On occasions we may be able to service your requirements sooner; however we are usually booked out well in advance.

To tint a vehicle (general size sedan, wagon, four wheel drive), requires between 2-3 hours per car, while a home or office can take any amount of time depending on the size of the order.

To remove existing film can take up to another 2 hours on a vehicle.

Our terms are strictly COD, in the form of cash, cheque, direct credit (on the day before we leave premises), or visa/credit (no American Express or Dinners).

To carry out our work we will require an undercover area (preferably shed/garage), as exposed areas lead to poor work. This will also ensure that we are complying with our insurance requirements and occupational workplace health and safety duty. Car ports are ok, however if very windy they are not at all ideal, and may lead to the booking to be rescheduled.

We also will require access to a standard 240 volt power source.

Booking Schedule Guide

We endeavour to be flexible when possible when taking your bookings, however it is important to consider that we are a mobile service and our scheduled times may vary depending on traffic, other quotes etc. If we are going to be any later then our appointed time we will make a call or text you to notify you of our delay. We are reliable and professional and we aim to be as punctual as possible. For example you are booked in between 8 – 9am you may allow a little extra time either side of the stated schedule.

If you require an exact completed time please let us know when making the appointment. Example I must leave by 2pm to pick up the children. This allows us to consider your needs as early as possible and to make an extra concentrated effort on ensuring our appointed times are met.

We usually operate in standard business hours and can commit to bookings from 7:30 onwards. Our last booking appointment would be no later than 2-2:30pm, depending on your location. On a final note we are mobile business and at times we may be out of mobile phone range or in areas were signal reception can be poor. Usually it will go to message bank, so just leave a brief message and we will return your call as soon as possible, usually with in two – four hours depending on our location

Mobile Tinting

As a general rule we will typically require between 7-14 days notice when making an appointment for our mobile service. To carry out a professional install you must provide a suitable work environment for our technicians, this will require the equivalent of a clear working space of residential enclosed double garage.